Vasti M inverter heat pump

Vasti M inverter heat pump

The Vasti M monobloc pump is a simple and functional solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a heat pump without having to devote additional resources to the installation and maintenance of the unit.

Cały układ termodynamiczny pompy jest zamonotowany, przetestowany i napełniony przez pCały układ termodynamiczny pompy jest zamontowany, przetestowany i napełniony przez producenta. Do montażu pompy monoblokowej Vasti M nie potrzeba specjalistycznych uprawnień F-Gaz, a jej zainstalowanie sprowadza się jedynie do wykonania połączeń hydraulicznych i elektrycznych.

Vasti M heat pumps available

Vasti Hydrobox – the heart of the heat pump

  • CH/CWU switching valve,
  • Built-in auxiliary heater
  • HMI panel with operation in Polish language,
  • Built-in contactors for controlling auxiliary heaters,
  • Built-in LAN module,
  • The entire unit is housed in a very attractive casing

HMI touch panel

  • Control of two proportional mixing valve actuators;;
  • Heating curve function;
  • Regulacja temperatury pomieszczenia;
  • Room temperature control;
  • Possibility of cooperation and control of other heat sources;
  • Possibility of controlling two additional heaters – central heating and DHW heating.

Why choose Vasti heat pumps?

Vasti heat pumps are intelligent and modern heating and cooling devices. An unquestionable advantage of the pumps we offer is the use of high-grade and technologically advanced components, which translates into a very long life and reliability of these devices.

The most important advantage of Vasti pumps is the use of the environmentally friendly and safer refrigerant R32 compared to other pumps. The global warming potential (GWP) of R32 is almost three times lower than that of R410A. In addition, Vasti pumps use approximately 30% less refrigerant than the environmentally harmful R410A. By choosing a Vasti pump, you are not only getting a reliable appliance, but you are also making a contribution to caring for the environment and, in turn, caring for your life and, above all, the life and health of future generations.

When you buy a Vasti pump, you get a complete device equipped with all the components required for operation in CH and DHW heating mode.

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