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Pompy ciepła

Vasti Heat Pumps

The Vasti air-to-water heat pump family are modern heating appliances that provide an environmentally friendly way of heating a home along with domestic hot water preparation.

Zbiorniki CWU i bufory

DHW tanks and buffers

Vasti DHW exchangers provide efficient heating and storage of domestic water. Made from high-grade certified stainless steel, they ensure a long service life and resistance to corrosion.


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Meet the Vasti family

Vasti S Heat Pump

Thanks to the Split heat pump design, there is no risk of the liquid in the system freezing.

Vasti M Heat Pump

The installation of this type of pump is very easy and does not require specialist F-Gas certification.

DHW Tanks

DHW tanks and buffers constructed entirely of stainless steel with one or two coils.


European quality in the polish edition


Rapid diagnosis and repair


Knowledge, reliability, experience


An investment that will pay for itself

Reliability doesn’t come from nowhere….

We mainly use European suppliers to build Vasti products.

By using electronic components from brands such as Grundfos, Wilo, Swep or Emerson in combination with stainless steel, you get an exclusive product at the price of a lower-end product.

The combination of branded components and the well-thought-out design of Vasti products will ensure a long and trouble-free service life.

Do not hesitate and choose a proven product from a Polish manufacturer.

Clean Air Programme 2.0

The Clean Air 2.0 programme aims to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing heat sources and improving energy efficiency.

The programme is aimed at owners of single-family buildings or dwellings.
Czyste Powietrze envisages dofinancing the replacement of old cookers and boilers with new, environmentally friendly equipment and financial support for thermo-modernisation of buildings. The programme was launched in 2018 and is planned to last until 2029 with a budget of PLN 103 billion.

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