DHW tanks and buffers

dhw tanks and buffers stainless steel

DHW Tanks and buffers

Vasti DHW heat exchangers are top quality products, constructed from high-grade certified stainless steel, which translates into a long service life. All products have the required hygienic approvals.

Our product range includes DHW tanks with one or two coils, tanks dedicated to heat pumps, buffer tanks and tanks with connection ports from above – which makes it possible to install them wherever the use of a traditional tank with side connections is not possible.

Depending on the type of tank, products are available in two energy classes, C or B, and in various capacities from 100 l to 1000 l (DHW and heat pump tanks), 120 l to 100 l (buffer tanks) and 100 l to 150 l – tanks with top connections.

Product Catalogue

The DHW exchangers on offer, come in several variants, so that they can be tailored to our needs. In addition to various capacities, we can choose exchangers with one or two coils, exchangers dedicated to heat pumps, buffer exchangers and tanks for gas boilers with upward connections.

dhw tank one coil

DHW tanks with one coil

Vasti DHW tanks in approved stainless steel, with one coil. Available capacities 100 l – 1000 l.

DHW tanks with connections above

Vasti DHW tanks with one coil and top connections. Available capacities 100 l – 150 l.

DHW tanks with two coils

Vasti DHW tnks with two coils, made of stainless steel. Available capacities: 200 l – 1000 l.

dhw tank one coil

DHW tanks with one coil, for heat pumps

Vasti DHW tanks with one coil dedicated to heat pumps (capacities 200 l – 1000 l).

DHW tanks with two coils for heat pumps

Vasti DHW tanks with two coils, for heat pumps, with capacities from 200 l – 1000 l.

Buffer tanks made of stainless steel

Buffers made of certified stainless steel. Available capacities: 120 – 1000 l.

Hanging buffer tanks

Hanging buffer tank form stainless steel. Available capacity 60 l, 80 l, 150 l

Combined storage tank

Combined tank comprising a 200 litre DHW exchanger and a 100 litre buffer.

On request

We offer custom DHW tanks upon request. For example, if you need a 2000-liter tank or a buffer tank with connections from above, we can prepare it for you.

dhw tanks and buffers stainless steel
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – tank and coil made of certified stainless steel;
  • TWO ENERGY CLASSES – the tanks are available in high energy class B or C, which reduces the heat loss of the heater, thus reducing the cost of heating domestic hot water;
  • NORMALISED CONNECTIONS – The use of standardised connections greatly simplifies the installation of the unit;
  • EFFICIENT COIL – A coil with a large heat exchange surface allows for rapid water heating and high efficiency of the unit;
  • ADJUSTABLE FELLOWS – Thanks to the adjustable feet, it is possible to level the tank,
  • HYGIENIC CERTIFICATE – Our tanks are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

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