Combined storage tank

Combind storage tank

DHW tabk 200 l + buffer tank 100 l

Combination of a 200 l DHW tank and a 100 l buffer tanks.

In the upper part of the tank, there is an exchanger with a spiral coil with a large surface area (2,1 m2) allowing rapid preparation of domestic hot water.

The buffer in the lower part of the tank is designed for the heating circuit.

It is designed to work with heat pumps to optimise the use of the enrgy they produce.

Product code (current): VS-P-WKB-W200-B100

Product code (archival): VSP-ZN-KOM-W200-B100

  • DHW tank 200 l + buffer tank 100 l
  • height 1841 mm
  • diameter 653 mm
  • energy class C
  • coil surface – 2,1 m2
  • tank weight 80 kg
  • DHW tank storage capacity 179 l
  • buffer tank storage capacity 94 l

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