Heat Pump Lite

Monoblock Heat Pump Vasti Lite

The Vasti Lite heat pump is a monobloc device with a built-in circulating pump, thanks to which, simple systems with a parallel or series buffer can be realized.

It also has automation to build a DHW circuit using an external switching valve.

It is hermetically sealed, powered by R32 refrigerant and does not require F-GAZ authorization for installation.

Available Vasti M Lite pumps

Built-in PWM circulating pump,

Mitsubishi DC Inverter Compressor,

Electronic Expansion Valve,

230 V valve control,

Protection of the exchanger of the circulating pump by controlling the flow of water


WiFi module;

– Heating curve function;

– Dual temperature control,

– Standard 10 m cable.

Why choose Vasti heat pumps?

Vasti brand heat pumps are intelligent and modern devices for heating and cooling. The undoubted advantage of the pumps we offer is the use of high-grade and technologically advanced components, which translates into a very long life and reliability of these devices.

The most important advantage of Vasti pumps is the use of ecological and environmentally safer refrigerant R32 compared to other pumps. The greenhouse effect creation factor (GWP) for R32 refrigerant is almost three times lower than for R410A. Choosing a Vasti brand pump, we not only get a reliable device, but also contribute to taking care of the environment, and thus taking care of our, and most importantly, our future generations’ lives and health.

Buying a Vasti pump you get a complete device equipped with all the components necessary for the operation of the device in CH and DHW heating mode.

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